Below are some feedbacks from our valued clients who traveled in Mongolia with us. Click here to send us your feedback.

"Visit Mongolia rocks!
So professional and yet so personable. I had the best of time and Burmaa and her team met all my needs and wishes and made me feel real special."

Eliane Amherd,
New York and Switzerland

June 2009

Dear Mrs. Burmaa
Now that we have returned to Portugal, we would like, once more, to thank you for all the program in Mongolia that you have prepared for us!
We did really much enjoy our journey and we hope to return back to Mongolia soon!

As you can read in the form we filled, everything (guide, drivers, ger camps, journey) was magnificent!

Best Regards
André and Sofia, (Portugal)
 September 2009

Re: Chinggis Khaan Birth Place tour
July 2-7, 2008

Hi Burmaa,
I just wanted to say, again, how much I appreciated all that you did for me and my family re trips this summer in Mongolia. You really are the BEST travel arranger I've ever met and consider you a friend as well as an agent.

Pam Eglinski,
Lawrence, Mississippi, USA
Re: Chinggis Khaan Birth Place tour
August 23- September 2, 2008

Dear Uranaa,
Once more, Pierre and myself want to tell you how much we have appreciated
the excellent services of your company. Our guide and driver were charming and competent persons. They were very efficient to help us knowing many things about your country, culture and history. If we can manage to visit your country once more, we will certainly get in touch with you.
Please give our best regards to our new friends, and my very best wiches to you.

Henri Dorion (and Pierre Lahoud)

Re: Beauty of Mongolia tour
July 31- August 11, 2008

Thank you Visit Mongolia!
It has been a wonderful experience. I would like to thank you Visit Mongolia for its flexibility with our itinerary so we could have a more pleasant trip.

Monique Riviere and Andres O’Daly,

Re: Western Mongolia tour
July 25- August 05, 2008

Hi Burmaa,
I would like to thank you for this wonderful trip and your kindly help. Mongolia is beautiful country. Hope to see you again. You are also more than welcome to Hungary!
Bayarlalaa, Bayartai (thank you and bye)


Re: Beauty of Mongolia tour
July 13- July 25, 2008

Dear Uranaa,
We had the best time in Mongolia. We are looking forward to planning another vacation with you next year. Our guide Bujee has been exeptional, intelligent, very kind and helpful and talanted. Drivers were also most considerate and polite. Our meals were great. Thank you for all your care.

Danielle Gordon,
Texas, USA

Re: Naadam festival and Beauty of Mongolia combained tour
July 11- July 24, 2007

Dear Ganaa,
What a wonderfull trip we have made in Mongolia! It was very pleasant to deal with you. All compliments for the driver and the guide. Also the for the presents we will thank you. My wife will show this presents on school to the children (she is a teacher), together with the film and foto's we have made. It was an unforgettible trip.

With kind regards
Bert, Netherland

Re: Naadam festival in UB, Karakorum and Gobi Desert tours
July 3- July 16, 2007

Dear Burmaa,
First of all I would like to thank you for making my trip to Mongolia a pleasant experience. I tried to e-mail you the pictures but they are too big for the e-mail.

Thanks again and I look forward in hearing from you soon.
Jad Michaelson, USA

Re: Overland Mongolia tour
July 13- August 10, 2008

A group from Sydney University, Australia composed the following song describing their trip in Mongolia.

Onward Ann’s adventurers
O’er the Mongolian land
In the steppes of Gingghis
Ventures our daring band.
Pastures, lakes and rocky roads
Hot spa, mountain hikes
Wildflower walks and
Nandya’s talks
And showers off dry and cold,
Onward to the monasteries
Circle the Shaman shrine
Hear Mongolian music
Taste the mare’s milk wine

Onward Ann’s adventurers
Spot the elusive deer
Marmot, gazelle and eagle,
Find one, give a cheer-Hurrah
Ride upon a camel
Milk the hairy yaks
Dinosaur bones and
Plenty of stones
And camel dung in stacks,

Onward Ann’s adventurers
Ulaanbaatar is near,
Long will we remember
Our holiday in a ger

Re: Karakorum, Gobi Desert and Terelj combained tours
July 16- July 24, 2007

Hello Visit Mongolia team,
As promised to Ulzi, please find some feedback regarding our trip to Mongolia with your company. All we were happy and satisfied with our experience. We were able to see quite a lot of your beautiful country, get an idea of the way people live and were exposed to your culture. We liked especially the trip to Gobi and Terelj. The camel and horse riding trips were fun and of the perfect duration. Staying overnight in ger camps was an experience we enjoyed but after six nights we were happy to sleep again in an hotel room.

Foods was good and in general better than what we expected , esp. in the ger camps as we understand that is is not easy to get proper supply here.
General logistics, equipment ( incl. cars ) were all according to expectations and all our drivers where excellent and very friendly and helpful. Ulzi was an excellent guide (knowledgeable, practical, with good humor etc).
We might be coming back to Mongolia, but then probably for a trip to this volcano area and the North (lake and Altai). If so, we will definitely contact your company again for a proposal. As I mentioned already, we were happy with your services and hence would also recommend you to friends/ relatives.

All the best for you, the company and Ulzi and maybe till our next trip to Mongolia.

Herman, Belgium

Re: Contrasts of Mongolia combained with Naadam Festival tour
July 9- July 20, 2007

My dear Burmaa,
I feel as though we are of the same family now. I am grateful that Kay & I were being taken care of by a local tour company & by you specifically. The constant change by Aero Mongolia made your days very stressful & ours very uncertain. You were magnificent.

You are a wonderful person Burmaa & I genuinely hope that we are friends who meet again in the future. My home is open to you whenever you have the opportunity to come to the USA. I loved your country, you & its people.

Mary Gilliam, Arizona, USA


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